Great White Shark

great white shark baitA film like pine results in many people believe that the great white shark is an indiscriminate killer with a strong preference for human flesh. However, research and realistic observation have well-developed, non-human eating habits revealed. Their diet depends on a number of factors: age / size of the shark, the location and availability of prey.

As they grow, expanding to include large white food for marine mammals. You now have the strength to size / successfully attack dolphins and seals and sea lions (pinnipeds as we know). Although still sometimes eat fish such as tuna or mackerel, these marine mammals are the preferred food source because of their high fat content. Regions in the world with large populations of pinnipeds (Guadalupe Island, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and much of the coast of California) are known to be highly concentrated sites and great white shark. These areas are best for scientists and amateur shark feeding behavior of white sharks, watching from the decks of ships and submersible shark cages.

Great white shark also eat carrion, often feeding on whale carcasses floating seen. This is a very effective way to maintain a high volume of high-fat meat, without consuming much energy, or risking injuries that occur as they may be a live seal. A very large box meals a shark adult for a maximum of 1.5 months to maintain. White kids are not able to eat food all at once, so they need to eat more often.

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