Black Snake

Red Bellied Black SnakeBlack snake are popular novelties fireworks are fun to light, sit back and watch "Slither" in the neighborhood. Use a punk or a lighter to ignite the black snake, the resulting effect is a long black hose is fragile ash "snakes", as it continues to grow. Since these elements are considered fireworks novelties in most states, snakes have no fire or explosion, they send only a little smoke. Fireworks black snake (sometimes known as fireflies, depending on manufacturer) can be bought from almost any stand fireworks or fireworks online. If you have free time, you can also try your luck at your own black snake. It is not difficult, in fact, it is a science experiment for you and your child or classroom of students.

You can find black snake from common ingredients in the kitchen, especially for the baking powder and sugar and alcohol, lighter fluid or other fuel. , To make snakes, mix 4 parts of powdered sugar (icing sugar and sometimes a fine sugar) with 1 part baking soda until blended evenly.

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