Polar Bear

polar bear Cub cute picsThe effects of global warming on polar bear has profound consequences. Polar bear are a part of an ecosystem finely balanced. As temperature increases, the Arctic sea ice melts and saying the Federal Office of the United States Geological Survey that there is a reduction of up to 2/3 of being in the bear population polar in the next 50 years.

When the ice melts these emblematic animals lose their habitat and hunting grounds. They mainly hunt seals that live on the Arctic ice. The seals swimming under the ice surface to rest while breathing air and holes on the ice. Polar bear hid in the breathing holes to catch their prey.

Due to the significant loss of ice and hunting grounds, which are fast disappearing from these wonderful creatures, up to 70% of them will not survive more than 3 years. Many people are starving simply because of the lack of a reliable food source. In 2007, a record in the area of ​​summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was recorded, representing a total area as large as Texas and Alaska!

The figure below is an example of Polar Bear

polar bear pup Polar Bear polar bear rule coal plant polar bear picture polar bear tongue Polar Bear polar bear big Polar Bear Photos Free Polar Bear Polar Bear polar bear lounging Polar Bear Alaska


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