Black Wolf

Black WolfA wise man once said that every human being both a white and a black wolf who has to fight constantly against each other. The black wolf is aggressive and responsive, and the white wolf is quiet and socially. The winner of this fight is simply decided by the wolf we feed. Most of the time we are not aware that more often than not, we feed the black wolf and not white.

Anger is the result of at least 100% responsibility for your life. She created the wolf, by the experience. Then you have to remember that you created it. If you want to take ownership of your creation, you just have to feel your way through the original experience. This sentiment may be sadness, for example, but not anger. Sadness is the original feeling and a rage of the wolf is the emotional result.

Maybe you have to blame someone else for your trouble. This way, you make another person responsible for the creation of the wolf that is with you and only you! It is important to remember that everything in this world is a creation of you in one form or another, even things that seem to have nothing directly to do with you.

The figure below is an example of Black Wolf

Black Wolf Black Wolf Black Wolf Wallpapers Black Wolf Licking A White Wolf Black Wolf Winter Black Wolf Hunting Black Wolf Black Wolf Young black wolf Black Wolf Black Wolf black wolf pack

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